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Since 1973 Kelley Blue has been associated with Quality Earthwork

Values and work ethic are the driving forces behind Kelley Trucking Inc. We believe that a job done honestly and with integrity is the only way to complete a job. There is no value in a job that is not completed safely and correctly. Many of our projects have been for customers with whom we have built a previous relationship. Our commitment to strong values plays a major role in our repeat business.

At Kelley Trucking Inc. we are proud of the fact that we have many long-term employees and believe this is a reflection of the values by which we operate our business and, in turn, provide a quality product to our clients.  We have several employees who have been with us for 30-40 years and a large portion of our employees have been with us for over 20 years. Our tight-knit group of employees ensures pride and integrity in our work.

Kelley Trucking Inc. is large enough to meet the customer’s needs on the largest projects, but developing personal relationships is at the core of our business philosophy.   We have many repeat customers and are the preferred earthwork company of many owners and customers throughout the region. 

Our reputation is of the highest regard throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region and many of our opportunities have come from recommendations or word of mouth.

Our extensive group of quality subcontractors and suppliers coupled with self-performance of large portions of our projects allows us to deliver projects that are on time and under budget and provide further value to our projects.

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