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Kelley Trucking Inc. is guided by an established accident-prevention policy in all of its operations.  This policy is based on a sincere desire to eliminate occupational injuries, illnesses, damage to equipment and property, as well as to protect the general public. We strongly believe in a proactive approach to safety and have developed programs and policies to predict and thus, prevent accidents.

Safety is valued over production and is a core value of our company.

Management and supervision have been charged with the responsibility of preventing the occurrence of incidents or conditions that could lead to occupational injuries or illness.  Providing a safe environment to work is the highest priority at Kelley Trucking Inc., and we have employed effective training and education programs to the best advantage.

At KTI we believe the key to keeping our employees safe is keeping them involved and participating in every aspect of the program. We have an extensive participation program that encourages employees to actively participate in safety.

We also have a safety committee team, Safety Task Force that meets regularly to discuss safety programs, policies and issues. The team is made up of employees, supervisors, and the entire upper management team. We understand that our employees at every level offer insight and experience that can help us continually improve our safety program.

Best Overall Safety Performance- 2016 & 2017
Zero Incidence Award- 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017

Management at every level has undertaken the task of translating our policies into positive action. We believe that our safety program is only as strong as our management’s commitment to it and therefore, place safety as a core value at every level, on every job, every day.

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