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Rueter-Hess Dam & Reservoir


Parker Water & Sanitation

General Contractor: 

Kelley Trucking Inc.

Contract Amount: $41.4 M+

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood
Foggy Pier
Cafe in Autumn
Blue Stairway
Two Flamingos
Old City Street
River Boathouse

Earthfill dam construction with a maximum hydraulic height of 170 feet, for Phase II of a new dam and reservoir for Parker Water and Sanitation District.  Excavation and placement of approximately 9,000,000 CY of zoned fill embankments needed to increase the size of Rueter Hess Dam from approximately 17,000 Acre-Ft to 72,000 Acre-Ft.


This included foundation excavation and preparation, shear key excavation and preparation, blasting of 330,000 CY of castle rock conglomerate, placement of 995,570 CY of Zone 1 clay core material, 6,557,352 CY of Zone 2/2A/3 shell material, production and placement of approximately 225,000 cubic yards of Zone 4 filter material for the chimney and blanket drains, production and placement of 186,100 CY of soil cement for the upstream slope protection, supply and installation of 27,000 feet of 6-inch and 8-inch PVC drain lines for the upstream slope and filter drain systems, production and placement of 30,500 tons of aggregate base course for a 1.3 mile site access road, supply and placement of 42,000 tons of Rip Rap for inlet/outlet works and spillway approach channels, and auxiliary spillway construction with 32,100 cubic yards of soil cement and 5,900 cubic yards of Class G concrete.

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